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  • Standard Tower Crane
  • Standard Tower Crane

    It is a type of multipurpose cranes with upper slewing mechanism, horizontal jib, trolley mechanism, and hydraulic jack-up design. Featuring easy operation and maintenance...

  • Topless Tower Crane
  • Topless Crane

    This topless crane is designed with upper slewing, horizontal jib, trolley mechanism, flat top and hydraulic self-hoist. Its special design makes its upper weight and windward face less..

Tower Crane

Description of Tower Crane:
This tower crane is a type of machine that can be used both to lift and lower materials and to move them horizontally and vertically, and it is commonly employed in the construction industry for material transport and construction equipment assembly.

Features of Tower Crane:
1. It features a long loading jib, longer working radius, high loading torque, rational structure, internationally advanced performance, etc.
2. Rapid lift speed, good speed control, high-speed light load, and low-speed heavy load.
3. Rheostatic speed regulator of wire-wound motor is employed to control the slewing speed, thus ensuring stable and reliable operation.
4. The electrical control system is equipped with quality electrical components, featuring long service life, less faults, easy maintenance and reliable performance.
5. Mechatronics or mechanical equipment is employed to enable our tower crane to easily and quick adapt to bad construction environment.
6. Long loading jib is hung at the rigid duplex pull rods, and the jib is characterized by good rigidness, small cross section, low wind resistance, beautiful appearance, etc.
7. Several length changes exist in its jib to cater to different construction needs.
8. The operator' cab is mounted independently so as to get a large view as well as a large interior space. Air-conditioner is also available to give a good working place for operators.
9. Advanced linkage control console is employed to manipulate the whole tower crane, which realizes easy operation and convenient maintenance.
10. Quite advanced design exceeding related national standards of China.

As a professional manufacturer of tower crane in China, ZZ Industrial (shanghai) Co.,Ltd has standard tower crane and topless crane for customer to choose. And we still have onstruction hoist. All of our products have received the ISO9001-2000 certificates. With high performance and competitive price, our products have been quite popular among clients in many countries like Cambodia, Yemen, South Africa, Brazil, Afghanistan, Iran, and more. If you need standard tower crane and topless crane, please contact us freely.

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