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Standard Tower Crane

Luffing Tower Crane

Description of Standard Tower Crane:
This standard tower crane is a type of multipurpose tower crane with upper slewing mechanism, horizontal jib, trolley mechanism, and hydraulic jack-up design.
Featuring easy operation and maintenance, it is an ideal machine for various construction sites.

Features of Standard Tower Crane:
1. Four different kinds of operating mechanisms are designed for it: lifting, slewing, derricking and jacking so that these mechanisms can work individually or in combination with each other. In this way, high efficiency is achieved.
2. Its jacking mechanism is used to increase or decrease the height of the tower.
3. To better meet variable construction requirements, multi-speed motor is equipped and it has rapid, medium and slow speed for users to choose.
4. Multiple worktable scopes can be gained so that this standard tower crane can avoid various barriers during working time.
5. Its jib can do 540°full-circle slewing to the left and right.
6. Besides its independent lifting capacity, this standard tower crane can have its tower body increased or decreased in the height through the hydraulic jacking system, in which way the height of the tower crane can change along with that of buildings.
7. The operator' cab is independently mounted on the side of crane, in which case a large view and good operation environment are ensured.
8. Flexible slewing and standard and accurate lifting are achieved in this crane.
9. Weight lifting limiter, moment limiter, lift height limitator, radius limiter, and slewing limitator have been designed for it.
10. Being sensitive and reliable, its safety protection device can guarantee the normal operation of the whole machine.
11. There are also some other safety protection devices in this standard construction crane, like rest platform, guardrails.
12. It has a rational arrangement, and beautiful appearance.

Specifications of Standard Tower Crane:

Model Max Load Working Range Tip Load Mast Size
QTZ50-5010-4T 4 tons 50m 1 tons 1.5×1.5×2.5 m
QTZ50-5310-6T 6 tons 53m 1 tons 1.5×1.55×2.5 m
QTZ63-5510-6T 6 tons 55m 1 tons 1.643×1.643×2.5m
QTZ63-5610-6T 6 tons 56m 1 tons 1.6×1.6×2.8m or 1.643×1.643×2.5m
QTZ80-5710-6T 6 tons 57m 1 tons 1.643×1.643×2.5m
QTZ80-6010-6T 6 tons 60m 1 tons 1.75×1.75×2.5m
QTZ80-6010-8T 8 tons 60m 1 tons 1.835×1.835×3m
QTZ100-6012-8T 8 tons 60m 1.2 tons 1.835×1.835×3m
QTZ100-6014-6T 6 tons 60m 1.4 tons 1.75×1.75×2.5m
QTZ100-6511-6T 6 tons 65m 1.1 tons 1.75×1.75×2.5m
QTZ140-7012-10T 10 tons 70m 1.2 tons 2.02×2.02×2.8m
QTZ250-7030 12/16 tons 70m 3 tons 2×3×3m
QTZ315-7040 16/20 tons 70m 4 tons 2×3×3m
QTZ400-7052 20/25 tons 70m 5 tons 2.5×2.5×5.85m

Sale Standard Construction Crane:
As a professional manufacturer of standard construction crane in China. All of our products have received the ISO9001-2000 certificates. With high performance and competitive price, our products have been quite popular among clients in many countries like Cambodia, Yemen, South Africa, Brazil, Afghanistan, Iran, and more. If you need our standard tower crane, please contact us freely.

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