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Construction Hoist for Warehouse

Construction Hoist for Warehouse

Our construction hoist can be used as an elevator in warehouses, and it can also be used to transport materials and personnel in industry, civil building construction, dowhole operation, bridge construction, chimney construction, and such.

Its steel structure is characterized by light weight, high strength and good rigidity, and it is easy to dismantle, move and maintenance.

Our construction hoist is equipped with many safety devices to better ensure its secure operation, such as lifting weight limiter, speed limiting brake, short circuit protection system, limitation protection, interlock protection, and the like.

Special operator's cab is located outside of the suspension cage to gain a large view, and inside it, there is seat to ensure the comfortability of the operators.

As a professional manufacturer of construction equipment in China, ZZ Industrial (shanghai) Co.,Ltd still has standard tower crane, topless tower crane and construction hoist for clients to choose. All of our products have received the ISO9001-2000 certificates. With high performance and competitive price, our products have been quite popular among clients in many countries like Cambodia, Yemen, South Africa, Brazil, Afghanistan, Iran, and more. If you need any of our cranes or hoists, please contact us freely.

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