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Applications of Construction Hoist:
Our construction hoist, also called construction elevator, is driven by gear-and-rack transmission, and it is an ideal elevator for material and personnel transport in various construction fields, such as industries, civil building construction, bridge building, downhole operation work, large chimneystack construction, etc. When acting as a kind of elevator, it can be used in many kinds of places, like storage, high towers.

If compared with other lifting equipment, our construction elevator has the advantages of stable performance, reliable operation, convenient dismantlement and assembly, and high adaptability. Besides, it can enormously reduce labor intensity for constructors.

1. The operators should be trained so that they are familiar with all the parts of the construction elevator and know very well about the operation techniques.
2. It can not be used in the following situations: first, it should not be used in bad weathers like thunderstorm, dense fog, snow, or when cables and guide rails are frozen, or when the wind speed exceeds 20m/s. Second, there are faults in mechanical or electrical aspects. Finally, there is no enough illumination or clear signal.
3. If there is any problem in the construction hoister, workers should solve it as soon as possible.
4. Please examine whether there is obstruction in the suspension cage, and if there is, please remove it immediately.
5. Well-distributed load is quite necessary, and overload is forbidden.
6. The hoist should stay on the ground with all switches fully closed.
7. Please do examination, maintenance and drop tests regularly.
8. Keep a good shift record, and if there is any problem or accident potential, please immediately tell related workers in detail.

ZZ Industrial (shanghai) Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of construction hoist in China, and both single cage construction hoist and double cage one are available. We still have topless tower crane and standard tower crane, and all of them have passed the ISO9001-2000 certification. With competitive price and high quality, our machines have been widely accepted by customers from South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, the Southeast Asia, and Africa, including countries of Cambodia, Yemen, South Africa, Brazil, Afghanistan, Iran, etc. If you are interested in our construction hoist, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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