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Construction Hoist (Building Elevator)

Construction Hoist

Description of Construction Hoist (Building Elevator):
The construction hoist, also called building elevator, is a kind of elevator driven by gear-and-rack transmission. And it is widely used for material and personnel transport in a wide range of construction fields, such as industries, civil building construction, bridge construction, downhole operation, large chimneystack construction, and the like. When used as elevator, it can be employed in warehouses, high towers, and many other places.

Its main components includes cages, operator's cab, speed limiter, transmission mechanism, guiding track framework, tie-in, boom, bottom cage, electrical system, security system, and more.

It features stable performance, secure and reliable operation, easy dismantlement, and good adaptability, and it can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers.

Features of Construction Hoist (Building Elevator):
1. Combination design is employed to make it suitable for different construction needs.
2. Its transmission system is driven by motor and speed reducer. The motor is equipped with direct current electromagnetic brake, and the speed reducer features small volume, high efficiency, high loading capacity, and long service lifespan that is about 4 to 5 times of that of a common one.
3. The quincunx elastical shaft coupler is designed between the motor and speed reducer in order to decrease the braking impacts.
4. Weight indicator and overload protection device have been employed to improve the safety performance of our construction elevator.
5. Double speed motor can be used for its transmission mechanism to reduce the impacts caused by start or braking, which will in turn guarantee the stability of this hoist and the comfortability of passengers.
6. The design that the transmission mechanism is mounted on the top of the suspension cages can enormously reduce the noises inside the cages as well as the impacts of heat emission and oil leakage on passengers.
7. Its steel structure is characterized by light weight, high strength and good rigidity, and it is easy to dismantle, move and maintenance.
8. It is equipped with many safety devices to better ensure its secure operation, such as lifting weight limiter, speed limiting brake, short circuit protection system, limitation protection, interlock protection, and the like.
9. Special operator's cab is located outside of the suspension cage to gain a large view, and inside it, there is seat to ensure the comfortability of the operators.
10. Integrated wiring is designed for the integrated wiring to make its maintenance easy and faults less.
11. Pager unit is also available to facilitate the communication between the driver and constructors as well as improve its working efficiency.

Operation of Construction Hoist (Building Elevator):
1. Users need to turn on the switches of the power box of the bottom cage and distribution box of the suspension cage so as to check whether the power indicator of the operation box can work normally.
2. Turn on the starting switch inside the driver' room to check whether the start indicator can work normally and whether the voltage is normal.
3. Close all the doors of cages.
4. Turn the control handle into the direction indicated on the panel so as to make all required operation.
5. If this construction hoist stops working because of power outage or other things, workers can manually lower it to the next stop place.
6. The transmission mechanism, speed limiting mechanism and small accessories should be packaged by wooden cases, and the other big components can employ banding and nude packaging.
7. The machine can employ bulk cargo or container truck for its transport in Chinese mainland, and if exported to other countries, it can be transported to ports by container truck and then transferred to the sea transport.

Note: When the suspension cages are gliding down, its speed can not exceed the rated operation speed. Otherwise, the speed limiter will work. One-minute rest is necessary every 20m down in order to cool the brake, and manual lowering should be operated by professional maintenance personnel.

Specifications of Construction Hoist (Building Elevator):

Model Rated Load Lifting Speed Motor Power
Double cages SC200/200 2×2000 kg 36m/min 2×2×12kW
SC100/100 2×1000 kg 36m/min 2×1×12kW
Single cage SC200 2000 kg 36m/min 2×12kW
SC100 1000 kg 36m/min 1×12kW

Sale Construction Hoist (Building Elevator):
ZZ Industrial (shanghai) Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of construction hoist (building elevator) in China. Apart from construction hoist, we still have topless tower crane and standard tower crane, and all of them have passed the ISO9001-2000 certification. With competitive price and high quality, our machines have been widely accepted by customers from South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, the Southeast Asia, and Africa, including countries of Cambodia, Yemen, South Africa, Brazil, Afghanistan, Iran, etc. If you are interested in our construction hoist, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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